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Rubber Roofing Shingles: What Is It & How It Works?

Rubber Roofing Shingles

Everyone knows that a leaking roof, when not remedied in time (can seriously damage the structure of your home and possessions inside your home), may turn into a concerning issue, making roof repair one of the most dreadful projects.

Then you start thinking and wondering why does it happen all the time, especially if it’s been only five years since your last time repairing the roof. The fact is not all market available traditional roofing materials (membrane roofing, ceramic tile, metal roofing, metal shakes or shingles, asphalt/asbestos shingles etc.) guarantee the so desired long-term comfort and confidence in your roof, because very often they can require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. That’s why, if you’re looking for an alternative to the exhausting process of roof maintenance and repair, than rubber roofing shinglesis exactly what you need.

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Rubber Roofing Shingles Alternative: Overall Benefits

Unlike most of the traditional roof rolls and shingles, which are mainly composed of wood, slate, bitumen-soaked paper, asbestos, or ceramic and have been in use for many years, rubber shingles is a brand new economical roof material made from recycled (old) tires, slate dust and saw dust. They only resemble conventional wooden shingles, but are much more durable and are less likely to bend, discolor, rot, crack, crumble, take on moisture, or curl through drastic temperature changes or bad weather conditions. Frankly speaking, instead of using traditional roof shingles, you’d better give preference to a rubber roof, which is guaranteed to be the last one for you without further need for reroofing, that fact mainly supported by its overall benefits:

  • price (unlike traditional shingles, rubber roof shingles are much cheaper, but more cost effective);
  • durability (unlike traditional 25 to 45 years lasting metal roof, which can easily get dented by a typical hailstorm (with paint chipping off the steel, and causing metal to rust), a rubber roof with its usual anticipated lifespan lasting for 75 years long or longer will never rust of get dented. Rubber roofing materials last much longer, are extremely strong, sturdy, flexible (unlike steel roof, rubber shingles don’t stay bent but rather spring back to its original shape), and require less maintenance (once installed guarantees 30 years of not worrying about changing shingles). Besides, rubber shingles don’t melt in the summer (unlike regular shingles), and are also fire rated);
  • environmentally friendly (energy efficient rubber shingles are made from recycled tires or other materials (saw dust, slate dust etc.) that may be ground into powder and further molded into the shingle shape. It’s number one choice for those who are environmental conscious, because, except for being completely recyclable, the are heat and cold resistant, plus protect from ultraviolet radiation);
  • easy installation (due to the rubber roofing shingles unique structure, you can install them without much difficulty. The process of installation resembles any other asphalt or wooden product: first, you prepare the roof (clean the newly built roof or remove old shingles, hammer any nails heads sticking up, nail down any loose boards), second, install water and ice shield (unroll and align the sheet to prevent any water from seeping up under the shingles), then cover the roof with tar paper (secure it at regular intervals by using an electric stapler), install the shingles (lay the shingles in an upward direction,  in a straight row, and overlapping one another; secure the shingles by using the nail gun), and, finally, install (nail) roof cap shingles. Usually, rubber roof shingles come in a standard 3-tab design, but during the installation process, in order to fit any space of corner, you can easily cut or shape them with a normal utility knife. Rubber shingles, even when stepped on, don’t break, are light weight and easy to handle);
  • low maintenance (unlike traditional roof shingles, rubber shingles require a limited amount of maintenance. Very often homeowners face the problems of faulty installations or rubber breakdowns: use adhesive and spare parts if your shingle starts to tear or fall off due to the rubber responding to temperatures fluctuation by means of contacting or expanding; use sealant or latex tape to cover any cracks or leaks in the rubber; to fill in rubber splits – rubber liquid sealant; coat the entire rubber roof in any rubber similar liquid sealant to prevent already low maintenance).

 Rubber Roofing Shingles: What Is It & How It Works?

As you can see, rubber roofing shingles is a practical and affordable long-term roofing solution that carries a lifetime warranty. Once installed means never to be re-roofed again, which speaks not only for saving money in the long run, but also adds an amazing beauty to your home!

So, the advantages speak for themselves. We hope our article helped you to make right choice.


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