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You can hardly find a person on Earth that has never heard about ecological problems. Some people may say that humans have no alternative but damage the planet they live on and this is absolutely wrong. There exist many ways to help the environment and use of eco friendly building materials is one of them. So if you're really concerned about the environmental problems you should consider rubber roofing as one of the best variant.



So what makes rubber shingles really ecologically friendly? First of all take a look at the production process. Let’s compare rubber shingles with some other roofing materials. For instance well known roofing slate needs asbestos to be manufactured which can be really dangerous for the health. And of course mining for asbestos can’t but damage the environment so it was even prohibited in some countries. As for the rubber roofing shingles their production doesn’t bring any harm to the environment. Moreover, it helps to recycle rubber tires because they are the material eco friendly rubber roofing is made from. When you choose rubber shingles you make to some degree a contribution into saving the planet from tons of worn-out tires on the landfills.


The other factor that shows that a material is environmentally friendly is operating characteristics. Rubber roofing shingles are easy to mount and repair. You won’t need any additional toxic material to cover your roof with them. They are characterized by high durability and even if something happens, rubber shingles can be quickly and easily repaired. Fire resistance of rubber roofing helps to keep your roof safe but it also protects environment from harmful gases that are usually emitted into the air when plastic materials are burning. For example, black fume that we see over asphalt roof shingles if it happens to be on fire contains toxic heavy metals.


You can hardly call any material an eco friendly one if it emits into the air substances that are dangerous for people’s health. Unlike some other materials rubber shingles are absolutely safe. You don’t have to paint rubber roof and it eliminates a huge problem caused by polyvinylchloride. The fact is that PVC starts to decompose under sunlight and people who live nearby and breathe this air can have serious troubles with their health.


There are more and more electric devices in our homes and electromagnetic waves they radiate are far not harmless for people and environment. Any metal construction including metal roofing amplifies magnetic radiation but rubber shingles don’t have this harmful effect. You should also pay attention to soundproofing properties of rubber shingles. The reduction of noise pollution is one more thing that makes rubber roofing eco friendly.


Needless to say, that rubber roofing shingles are water proof and it means that they don’t rot. They can easily withstand the temperature drops from summer heat to winter severe frosts without changing chemical structure. Strong wind and hail also can’t damage rubber roof in any way. So it becomes absolutely clear, that rubber shingles are one hundred percent eco friendly roofing because they can be utilized with little efforts. One should know, that rubber is also recycled into synthetic liquid fuel.


No wonder that rubber roofing shingles are gaining more and more popularity nowadays. It is a reliable and eco friendly material. Apart from all these advantages rubber shingles have low cost. Modern design of rubber shingles makes it even more attractive. For example, rubber shingles can be of different color or imitate natural shingles or wooden roofing. 


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