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Rubber Roofing Supplies

Progress is not standing at the same place and we find out new things every day. They make our lives more comfortable and convenient. If you saw today’s buildings several decades ago, you would be completely shocked. Together with high technologies societies come to think of environment. Thus, eco-friendly houses become more and more popular.

One of such eco-friendly innovations is rubber roofing made of old car scrap tires. This kind of roofing completely corresponds to all the building requirements and can compete with traditional options.

Roof is one of the most important elements in building, therefore, it must be paid attention to. It should not only look nice but serve as a good protection as well. Experts have produced a new kind of roof which is not only eco-friendly but good-looking and protecting as well.

Rubber roofing supplies are accessible in almost every country of the world. But they are most popular in Canada and the USA. Euroshield is the most popular European producer of rubber roofing which created EvroTile. They spent a decade creating it that is why the material is quite expensive but it’s worth it. Yanshi Classical Gardens Co. is a popular Chinese producer of rubber roof tiles as well as many other Chinese companies. EcoStar is the leading manufacturer of sustainable, highly flexible and environmentally friendly tiles. Texas Elite Roofing Inc. and Duro-Last are American companies providing high quality roofing systems. VERSICO Roofing Systems is one of the world’s largest organizations that provides rubber roofing.

Old Scrap Tires

Approximately 75 per cent of rubber roofing shingles are produced with the help of recycling old scrap tires. These tires have been a burden of most cities for a long time as they created an unpleasant landscape and polluted air. Lots of specially marked square kilometers were occupied by this rubbish. Now this rubbish has become the main component of rubber roofing supplies. Lots of other additives improve the quality of ready roofing. The new rubber shingles are good for protecting the building from pollution.

But do not think that everything is simple and easy. On the contrary, the process of recycling old tires is a laborious process requiring considerable time and effort. At the first stage the tire cord is removed, after which the tread is cut into a few large pieces. These pieces are polished, after that the pieces of the tread surface are covered with sawdust or slate powder.

Rubber Roofing Advantages

Lots of specialists have been working on creating this kind of roofing for more than 10 years. Its weight is not very big which allows decreasing the pressure on the walls. It allows saving money on building the walls and the foundation. Rubber shingles won’t lose their color and shape as they don’t bulge or warp. Cracks and chips are also hardly to appear. Rottenness will not appear either. It is also very firm and can bear a human body without breaking. And one more advantage of this kind of roofing is that it can be completely recycled.

Rubber Roofing Resistance

Strong winds and ultra violet rays are not a problem  for rubber roofing as it safely protects its dwellers from strong winds, hot sun and cloud bursts. It is also resistant to sudden temperature drops. The temperature can reach 40° C in summer when in winter it can drop to -30° C.  Not every kind of roofing can resist such experiences but it is easy for rubber shingles.
If you follow all the rules of installation of roof coverings made of rubber tiles, you will get a quite robust and reliable structure. So if you want to build a good roof, then trust the professionals and you are guaranteed to have excellent quality and characteristics of the roof that will serve you for at least fifty years. Manufacturers usually offer a guarantee for 50 years, but the roof can stay much longer and does not lose its original qualities. Roofing tiles made ​​of rubber provide superior waterproofing, so the building is not afraid of even prolonged rainfall. After installing rubber roofing you may smell rubber. This minor drawback disappears after 7-10 days after the installation.

The Aesthetic Aspect of Using Rubber Tiles

Due to their texture, rubber tiles can be similar to other popular materials. The most actual rubber roofing supplies are the tiles that mimic slate, concrete or wood. The variety of textures allows everyone to pick up the rubber tiles for the roof of his/her choice.
If you made up your mind to realize your dream about a reliable home, choose reliable and durable materials, which will not only correspond to your house design but serve you for many years.